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Healty Shopping and Cooking


Healthy shopping and cooking can help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. Healthy eating is the first step in taking care of your diabetes. People with diabetes do not need special foods. In fact, the foods that are good for everyone are good for you. Tips for healthy shopping should take into consideration items on sale at the local grocery stores. Check your local newspaper, or look online. Farm stands may be a good option too. Measure out single servings of snacks, like air-popped popcorn. Put them in bags or containers. Good health depends on eating a verity of foods that contain the right amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and fat as well as vitamins minerals, fiber, and water.

The American Heart Association’s Heart -Healthy Diet Recommendations reminds to shop and eat fruits and vegetables.  To choose fiber-rich whole grains at least three 1 oz. servings per day to help manage our weight because fiber keeps us feeling fuller and longer, so we eat less. To eat fish, especially oily fish like salmon, trout or herring, at least twice a week to get omega – 3, fatty acids. To limit saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol by choosing lean meats and poultry without skin, to select fat-free (skim), 1 percent and low fat dairy products. To limit the amount of added sugars we consume in foods and beverages to no more than daily discretionary calorie allowance. For most American women, this is no more than 100 calories and no more 150 calories for men. To choose and prepare foods with little or no salt (sodium) to maintain a healthy blood pressure. In shopping and cooking, we are also reminded to try and avoid processed meats (such as sandwich meat, sausage and hot dogs) and have no more than two servings weekly to prevent or delay type  2 diabetes.


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