Presbyterian Church of Ghana Picnic at Willowbrook Park

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana started by Basel Missionary by the name of Andreas Rises who made a journey to Akropong in 1835 only to be given a rousing welcome and a place of stay to begin his missionary enterprise. This year 2017, marks the 182 years Anniversary of the arrival of Andreas Riss to Akropong.

Through his great pioneering Missionary who survived the attrition rate of earlier missionaries and through the works of his other colleges, J.Widmann, the West Indian missionaries- Rev.David Asante, Theophilus Opoku braved the odds to preach the gospel and the Good News finally got root in Akropong.

From Akropong saw the beginning of the missionary Zeal which gave birth to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana which now has branches all over the World. In New York alone, there are branches in all the five Boroughs.
Each Year, since 1980, the congregations of the Ghana Presbyterian church gather together in picnic to celebrate the newly formed branch. On July 29, 2017, the picnic was at Staten Island where there were other branches from the boroughs came to join in their celebration.

Health Education on Wheels Inc. was privileged to participate in this event to fulfill its mission of educating people where they live, work, meet, play, and Worship.

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