Our Story

Health Education on Wheels (“HEOW”) is a community-based non-profit organization with a mission to provide free, accessible health information, education services to individuals with preventable diseases. Our methodology consists of providing instruction, advice, support, and encouragement and prevention strategies to individuals with these diseases, those at-risk, and their friends and family. All of our programs and activities are designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • To raise community awareness of the dangers of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, HIV /AIDS and other preventable diseases;
  • To promote and enable early diagnosis;
  • To facilitate lifestyle changes that ultimately prevent the onset of these diseases;
  • To improve the quality of life for people residing in Staten Island,New York..
our mission

Promoting prevention modalities and lifestyle modification to people with and at risk for chronic diseases and to prevent or delay the onset.

help & support

Make a difference in the lives of the people with diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases in our communities by becoming a volunteer.

our programs

Our lifestyle change program promotes modest weight loss and increased physical activity to improve the quality of life to people in our communities.