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Get More Active to Prevent Diabetes

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Getting more active to prevent diabetes


Getting more active

Getting more active can help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to make sure you’re working out at a moderate pace, use the Talk Test. That means you can talk, but you can not sing, through your activity.Try to get a little more active each week.

Ways to get more active: Do bicep curls with a can of food while you march in place.Do more reps or sets.Lift heavier weights.Four kinds of activity can help prevent diabetes. You can be extra active every day, do aerobic exercise, do strength training or stretch.

Be extra Active Every Day

Being extra active can increase the number of calories you burn. Try  these ways to be extra active or think of other things you can do to prevent diabetes such as: walk around while you talk on the phone,  Play with your kids, take the dog for a walk.Get up to change the TV channels instead of using the remote control. Work in the garden or rake leaves. Clean the house. Wash the car.Stretch out your chore. For example, make two trips to take the laundry downstairs instead of one.

Push a stroller while you walk. Take more steps per day or per week. Use one-pound hand or ankle weights while you walk.Walk farther, Walk faster, Walk longer. Walk up steeper hills.

Benefits of being physically active

Research has shown that physical activity can lower blood glucose and blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol,improve body’s ability to use insulin, keep the heart and bones strong, keep joints flexible, help to lose weight, reduce body fat, give more energy and reduce stress levels. It also play important part in preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes.

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