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Diabetes Prevention at Christ Presbyterian Church of Akropong-Ghana

Participants waiting to be tested for diabetes. 

Ghana at a glance 2013

Adult population [ 20-79] in 1000s   13,125.24     Diabetes expenditure / person with diabetes [USD]               123

Diabetes cases [ 20-79 ] in 1000s            440.         Diabetes-related deaths [20 – 79 ]                     8,529

Diabetes raw national prevalence  [ % ]  3.35         People with undiagnosed diabetes [20-79]                         330.38

Ghana is developing a national diabetes plan; a national Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) plan exists but is not implemented according to the International Diabetes Federation’s Global Diabetes  Scorecard for Action. One ministry in addition to the Ministry of Health is introducing NCD policies. The government is partially enforcing policies to produce healthy food and to regulate the marketing of Certain foods and beverages to children. There are no policies to promote physical activity. The health system provides universal services for diabetes treatment. Services for prevention, early diagnosis, prevention of secondary complications and self-management education are provided with limited availability.  No specialized services are provided for any vulnerable population group and less than 50% of the cost of services is covered.

On February 16, 2018, Health Education on Wheels Inc. collaborated with the Akropong Clinic staff and the Staff of Christ Presbyterian Church “The Aged ” program to screen participants for diabetes and elevated blood. Over 300 participants benefited from this event. Those who tested positive for diabetes were referred to the Clinic to follow up. In the picture above are some of the participants waiting to be registered for the Event.

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